Welcome! The counties of the North Central Pennsylvania Region want to share with you the Region’s vision for Greenways in North Central Pennsylvania. With that focus in mind, this site has been developed to assist you (trail and conservation organizations, land owners, municipal officials, and others) by providing you the background, resources, tools, and contacts to implement your greenway projects.

This site is a joint effort of the North Central Pennsylvania Regional Planning and Development Commission; and Cameron, Clearfield, Elk, Jefferson, McKean, and Potter Counties.

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Goals for Greenways in North Central Pennsylvania

    • Greenways will be multi-purpose in nature, providing opportunities for both water and land based trails, and also promoting stormwater management functions; water quality improvement; as well as, hunting and fishing opportunities through associated natural system greenway corridors.


    • Greenways will draw people into towns which can provide visitors and residents with the goods and services they desire, thus making a positive impact on the regional and local economies.


    • Greenways will be regional in nature, making inter-county connections, and local connections between towns.


    • Greenways will help to promote and market trail opportunities.


    • Greenways should include enhanced bike lanes and corridors, paved and widened shoulders along state highways.


    • Greenways should include equestrian trails.


    • Greenways should include and respond to the region’s need for a truly regional ATV trail network.


    • Greenways should enhance and expand the region’s snowmobile trail system.


    • Greenways should capitalize on unique features or tourist destinations such as the Triple Divide in Potter County.


    • Greenways will assist in maintaining the character of region.


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