Potential Funding Sources

Development of a greenways network can be costly and requires a long-term strategy to access a variety of federal, state, and private sector funding opportunities. Funding programs designed to conserve natural resources, develop recreational trails, and create transportation improvements are all potential sources of grants for implementation of the recommendations contained herein. Most require some form of local match, and sometimes one grant opportunity can be utilized as the ‘local match’ for another grant opportunity. This match requirement is often a barrier for rural communities.

Any funding strategy should leverage local resources as well. Private and non-profit foundations in the communities and region are important sources of funding that should not be overlooked when assembling funding strategies. In addition, efforts should be made to create public-private partnerships and to seek inkind contributions from local businesses in the communities and the region.

It is important to thoroughly research and understand the type or organization, their focus, their grant making requirements and conditions before applying for foundation or corporate giving grants. There are many sources of information on foundations and corporate giving opportunities. We have found the following useful:

The following tables list many current funding sources that are available to assist in funding greenway efforts in the North Central region. Because these programs are constantly changing, these tables are a starting point. When seeking grant programs, applicants should check web sites of the funding organizations for an updated listing of grant programs and eligibility requirements.

National Foundation Grant and Funding Opportunities

State Foundation Grant and Funding Opportunities

Federal Public Agency Grant and Funding Opportunities

State Public Agency Grant and Funding Opportunities

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